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Mooney Coin Redistribution Complete!

EIP1559 hits with waves of transactions to follow!

Transactions from the Mooney Day event airdrop.

Mooney Coin Redistribution is complete and all airdrops have been sent out! Thank you Martians who held and worked with us during the drops to the exchange and wallets - check how much your value has gone up!

August 5th, 2021, Ethereum's latest upgrade went live on the mainnet, kicking off our Mooney Day event. EIP1559 (London Fork) introduced baseline gas fees per block that vary based on the transaction load of the previous block.

The upgrade also implemented burning ETH in gas fees, reducing the supply to increase the value. Since, over 31,000 ETH has been burned and the price has gone from $2,200 to $3,100.

OpenSea, Axie Infinity: Ronin Bridge, and Uniswap have been dominating transactions since EIP1559 - storming the network and causing gas fees to hit over $240 per transaction for Uniswap Add/Remove LP during the first day as seen on

With all Mooney Coin airdrops pending in the blockchain now out to holders, our first event was a great success! We hope every Martian out there enjoys and takes advantage of the new opportunities as we continue to grow our network!

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