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Mooney Coin migrating from ETH to BSC

Updated: Sep 4, 2021

Ethereum gas fees continue to rage on, forcing investors to strategize around astronomical costs. With transaction fees "gwei" out of hand, Mooney's making moves!

**ETH Mooney Snapshots occur 5:00pm EST Friday, September 3 for BSC Migration

**Please refrain from buys, sells, and transfers with ETH Mooney at this time to prevent loss of funds during the migration process.

Mooney Coin official Twitter Announcement

Mooney Coin was designed with the ability to pivot operations and stay profitable against market conditions for crypto-mining, but why stop there? The huge success of our Redistribution event and scoring 9.75/10 on our audit made waves in the crypto space - but the barrier of entry created by ETH gas fees is halting our growth and hurting traders. Migrating our contract from ETH to BSC will bring a revision of the Whitepaper (v1.1), as well as restructuring our tokenomics. Say goodbye to expensive transacting, and say hello to reflections! No action is needed for current holders to keep their positions. The new contract for Mooney Coin on BSC will bring the following changes:

  • Max supply of 21 billion tokens

  • 10% Tax on all transactions

    • 7% Reflections distributed to holders

    • 3% To Ecosystem wallet for mining network expansion and maintenance

We'll be snapshotting the ledger and giving notice from the Mooney Coin Twitter prior to standing up the new Mooney Coin contract. All current holders will be dropped a 1000x multiplier to their bags when Mooney hits the BSC network. No changes will be made to the Mooney mining network or rewards paid. We continue to support the Ethereum network and are building out the next tracking system to bring in value from other proof of work coins! *Details on transaction taxes updated since initial post. More information to come!

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