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Celebrate EIP 1559 with Mooney Day

Updated: Aug 4, 2021

The Mooney Coin redistribution event will occur over the weekend following the ETH upgrade on block 12,965,000.

What is the Mooney Day event?

Mooney Day is a redistribution event to add approximately 500,000 Mooney tokens to the liquidity pool in an effort to promote volume, trading opportunities, and governance. Values of individual wallets will be multiplied proportionally in relation to holdings prior and during the redistribution to preserve actual fiat value. The additional Mooney flooding the market will drop the price significantly and current holders will be rewarded via airdrops after the final release of tokens.

How does it work for current Mooney holders?

-No action needed for current holders to receive rewards-

We will snapshot the list of holders prior to the first release of Mooney to the liquidity pool. The timing of EIP1559 taking place can be seen here: The price of Mooney will be dropping substantially during the event - We recommend not buying while the release of Mooney to the liquidity pool is underway. We will be watching the ledger for transactions during the event and snapshotting values/supply throughout the day. When the transaction for the final redistribution release of Mooney Coins is confirmed on the Ethereum blockchain, a final snapshot of holders will occur. The window for receiving airdrops will end at this time.

This ensures all wallets get rewarded with the proper amount of tokens once the event concludes.

What happens next?

Shortly after the final release, the price of Mooney will drop to it's lowest point on

Airdrops will then be calculated based on a multiplier derived from the initial snapshot in relation to the snapshot when the transaction for the final release of tokens to the liquidity pool is confirmed on the ledger.

This presents the best opportunity for new investors and current Martians to stack their bags as Mooney Coin expands our community and decentralized mining operation!

*Any transactions that occur prior to the event concluding will use a multiplier based on price of purchase compared to the final snapshot. Airdrops for these holders will be sent out last as individual multipliers will need to be calculated for each wallet.

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