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Buy vs Build

Buying a gaming PC is often the fastest and cheapest way to get started, due to the scarcity and high prices of graphics cards (GPU) while building. GPUs are what perform the work and have the ability to mine different coins.

Gaming computers are best suited for mining because they come with GPUs installed. You can find a number of retailers to purchase gaming computers, and always check reviews while searching for reputable sellers if you're browsing online. You could also hop into our Discord to get opinions on a computer you find by speaking with our Martian Miners.

On the other hand, building a computer isn't as complicated as it used to be, and a mining rig isn't much different. When you build your own PC or mining rig, it's a rewarding experience and allows you the freedom to customize and maximize the performance of your machine. Compatible parts are plug and play, while YouTube provides resourceful guides & tips to aid in the process for planning and building computers or mining rigs.

Whether you buy a prefabricated computer, build your own, or assemble a mining rig, your GPU will be the main component that increases your hash rate and cost.

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