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Building a General Use Desktop Miner

When creating a desktop build, is an easy to use website for creating your build while checking compatibility of parts.​

PCPartPicker will limit your options to parts that work with what you've already chosen and will warn you if there are any potentional problems.


Here are the important tips summarized:

  • Start with a CPU

    • Check if a heatsink fan is included

    • No need for an expensive CPU

  • Choose a motherboard that matches CPU socket type

  • 16GB RAM is recommended. DIMM DDR4

  • Consider a 500GB SSD minimum for personal use too

  • ​Never exceed 80% of your power supply's rating for for all combined parts


Here's a starter template to explore a build for light general usage. No GPU is included in this build, as new GPUs are difficult to find on PCPartPicker. Keep in mind this build comes with a 650w power supply, so check the requirements on a GPU you want to see if more is needed for your system!

Here's a complete build with an NVIDIA GTX 1660 for under $1000! 

Building a Mining Rig

Mining rigs utilize multiple GPUs on an open frame. All the ​same parts apply to building a mining rig too, except you won't need a case. The benefit with rigs is running multiple cards and having the ability to start with one or two, and add as you go!

Websites such as and are great resources to find frames and information for builds. Alternatively, building a frame with common materials makes for a fun DIY project to save some extra cash.

Look for Motherboards with options to Enable 4G Decoding and Set PCI-E Lane Speed to Gen 2 or 3 to allow for multiple GPUs to function properly.​

  • Risers will be needed for extra GPUs

    • Never power risers with SATA power cables​

  • Server power supplies great option for multiple GPUs

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