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Mining Network Information

About the xMooney Crypto-Mining Community

The xMooney mining network is a collective of cryptocurrency mining computers known as the "Martian" rigs distributed among us and our community. xMooney Token builds value by extracting the mining rewards to build and/or exchange the value as liquidity for the token.

Our goal is to provide a stable path for miners to monetize their efforts through rewards and incentives to grow the collective xMooney mining network. 

We currently host a system to capture and view statistics for the active xMooney Miners with Ethereum rigs on our network. Miners are incentivized to join our network by receiving the value of mining rewards plus a bonus 7.77% in xMooney (xM).

xMooney rewards to miners currently occur when there is 2 ETH built up into the community deposit address. Reward intervals are subject to change due to miner activity on our network.

xMooney is building it's decentralized mining operations to capture statistics and stand up pools for Bitcoin, Ravencoin, Monero, Litecoin, and other cryptos to accommodate miners of all types. This allows us to stay profitable with price fluctuations in the market and quickly pivot mining operations.

xMooney also offers an alternative plan for rewards: If your mining output is at least .1 ETH per pay cycle, you may opt for rewards split 50/50 in ETH/xM. This option requires the miner to pay gas fees for the transactions and the xMooney reward bonus is reduced to 3.33%.

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