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Connect and Register

A GPU with at least 6GB of VRAM is needed to start mining. Here's how to check on Windows!

Follow these steps to get started mining with the xMooney Network

  • Verify the type of graphics card you have and that it meets the minimum requirement of 6GB VRAM

  • Fill out the registration form below and we will respond within 24 hours

  • Watch our guide for downloading and checking file integrity on mining software

  • Connect with us on Discord to receive your martian miner number

  • Download MSI Afterburner to optimize for mining

  • Modify your configuration file with the information supplied

Miners must complete registration to receive xM payments

Miner Registration
What type of GPU do you have?
Does your GPU have at least 6GB VRAM?
Do you have multiple systems to register?

Thank you for submitting!  Click here to join our Discord!

Important notes:
*Make sure your GPU drivers are up to date.

*This video shows how to create an exclusion for Windows Defender. If you have other anti-malware software (i.e. McAfee or Norton), visit the manufacturer's website and find how to create an exception/exclusion to run the miner.

The video above covers the installation of T-Rex miner for NVIDIA graphics cards. If you have an AMD card, the steps will be the same, however you will need to download the Team Red Miner or NBMiner mining software. For Team Red Miner and NBminer, the config file you will need to edit is "start_eth.bat"

Here are templates for use with miners. You can copy and paste the text to your config for use.

**Characters in red will need to be modified for your configuration.


  • Find your region here on Ethermine to replace the server for xxx

  • Use the xMooney Mining Network address to connect (included in the examples)

    • 0x07b253040706b26920f47a8c82fb245e6e230dce 

  • Connect with us on Discord to receive your martian number to replace the ####

The Martian Naming Format

Naming rigs in the Martian format identifies miners on the website. After filling out the registration form, connect with us on Discord to receive your martian number and ensure your configuration is correct!

Name format: martian####

  • Number length: 4 characters.

  • Example: martian0007, martian0026, martian0836

    • If you have multiple miners: martian0007-1, martian0007-2

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